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Taco Tour - Introduction to Mazatlan Street Food
12.12.2019 - 23.04.2020
Special Events at Water's Edge Bistro


Taco Tour!
Mazatlan's Original Taco Tours around the beautiful Centro Histórico of Mazatlán.

Every Thursday join us for a one of a kind immersion in the taco gastronomy of our town. Learn all there is to know around the authentic street tacos and the Mazatlan specialties like the Vampiros, the tacos de Adobada, the Papas Locas and much more to enjoy in our selection of street stands well-known for the quality of their ingredients. All of this could only happen getting there in the most fun and typical way, yes were talking about riding an Auriga (red truck)! loaded with beverages, enjoying the breeze and safely taking all of us to all these delicious places. Too hot for it? No worries, first stop: the Tres Islas local Brewery, a friendly tavern where you can refresh yourselves with 4 kinds of artisanal beer while learning how they are made at this amazing micro brewery. So share with everybody, Taco Tours are here every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm.

Meeting point: Waters Edge Bistro.

Call for reservations to 669-136-0895, RESTRICTED AVAILABILITY

Price: $900pesos per person

Cooking Classes

The Water's Edge also offers a unique insight into food preparations through interactive cuisine. A hands-on approach to nutrition and cooking set in a commercial kitchen. Contact chef Alastair Porteous at for information on future classes.

Cravable Choices

Water's Edge Bistro offers fresh, vibrant choices prepared to honor the ingredients and their origin. Enjoy handcrafted food that is deceptively simple, elegant, and flavorful.

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