Starters and For Sharing
    Cheese Board ...  $170 pesos

A selection of domestic and imported cheeses

    Crab Cake ...  $140 pesos
  Handcrafted crab cake made with local blue crab. Finished with an avocado puree, pickled relish, and micro greens.    
    Gyozas ...  $130 pesos

Traditional Japanese dumplings

Your choice of gyoza filled with either shrimp, pork, or vegetarian

finished with mirin, soy, chile and sesame oils

    Roasted Garlic ...  $130 pesos

Served with fresh organic goat cheese.  Accompanied with crispy wonton crackers.

    Edamame ...  $80 pesos

Pan-seared Edamame beans.  Finished with sesame oil and sea salt.

*Gluten free

    Asian Lettuce Wraps ...  $150 pesos

Sauteed minced chicken, shitake mushrooms, shredded carrot, and toasted peanuts.  Drizzled with a house made peanut sauce.  Seaved with crispy lettuce leaves.

*Gluten free

    Thai Chicken Wings ...  $140 pesos
  Asian spiced marinage with fresh basil.  Finished with a peanut sauce drizzle.    
Soups & Salads
    Roasted Organic Beet Salad ...  $120 pesos

Roasted beets with fresh thyme, avocado oil, citrus, galic, goat cheese.

*Gluten Free

    Water's Edge House Salad ...  $90 pesos

Mixed organic greens finished with a blueberry vinaigrette

*Gluten Free

    Asian Tuna Salad ...  $200 pesos

 Crusted tuna loin seared medium rare, organic lettuce, mango, marinated noodles, shredded   vegetables.  Finished with a white miso vinaigrette.

*Gluten Free

    Hot and Sour Soup ...  $190 pesos
  Chinese black and shitake mushrooms, shrimp, and tofu.    
    House Made Daily Soup ...  $80 pesos
  Ask your server for today's feature soup.    
Noodles & More
    Vegetarian Ravioli ...  $180 pesos

House made ravioli stuffed with minced shallots, Portobello mushrooms, parmesan cheese and fresh basil.  Finished with a Pomodoro sauce.

    Ramen - Vegetarian w/ Tofu or Roast Pork ...  $240 pesos

Asian ramen broth, noodles, soft boiled egg, shredded carrot, scallions.

Accompanied with house made hot sauces

    Macaroni & Cheese ...  $180 pesos
  Classic comfort food made with a four cheese sauce and finished with pulled pork.    
    Shanghai Thick Noodle Chow Mein ...  $170 pesos

Shanghai thick noodles, Napa cabbage, ginger, and Asian greens.  Finished with a Szechwan soy sauce.

Add pork or tofu for $60pesos or shrimp for $80pesos

    Petit Filet ...  $360 pesos

Pan roasted tenderloin of beef topped with fried sweet potato, garlic butter drizzle.  Accompanied with garlic smashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.

Add a skewer of 3 prawns for $100pesos

*Gluten free

    Thai Red Curry Prawns ...  $280 pesos

Infused with lemongrass and ginger.  Accompanied with rice.

*Gluten free

    Portobello Chicken ...  $240 pesos

Pan-seared chicken with Portobello and shitake mushrooms, roasted garlic, and cream.

 Accompanied with mashed potatoes and market vegetables.

*Gluten Free

    Baked Salmon Filet ...  $320 pesos

Topped with stone ground mustard, garlic, lemon zest and finished with a touch of cream.  Accompanied with seasonal vegetables.

*Gluten free

    Prawn Bowl ...  $240 pesos

Rice bowl topped with seasonal vegetables with your choice of the following prawn flavors:

Szechwan, BBQ, Roasted Tomatillo, Garlic, Tequila Lime

*Gluten Free

    Mushroom Barley Risotto ...  $160 pesos
  Roasted tomato, garlic, vegetable broth, barley, and sauteed mushroom medley