Our Philosophy

Several years ago I witnessed a revolution that was sweeping across Europe and the Americas; a movement that was dedicated to the preservation, education and support of traditional forms of food production. It was born from the need to save traditional grains, vegetables and animal breeds from the onslaught of giant agri-businesses that were sweeping across globe eradicating traditional forms of food production for the sake of big business.

Having been a chef for over 25 years, I have witnessed and been a part of many culinary trends from nouvelle to pan Asian, but not until recently have I felt the need to truly change fundamentally the way in which I use and source out ingredients in my kitchen.

Food should be savored and enjoyed. Food should be fresh, full of flavor, and appeal to all ones senses. As a chef, the gratification that one gets from being able to create food using healthy, regionally produced ingredients and from meeting those whose families have been farming and ranching for generations and being able to taste the end result of their labors is truly a rewarding experience. Bien Provecho!

Cooking Classes

The Water's Edge also offers a unique insight into food preparations through interactive cuisine. A hands-on approach to nutrition and cooking set in a commercial kitchen. Contact chef Alastair Porteous at for information on future classes.

Handcrafted Libations

As well as unique dining, Water's Edge Bistro offers a selection of creative cocktails. The wine selection features some award-winning estate wines from Mexico and beyond available by the bottle or glass.

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